Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flowery For all

Beautiful Mother's Day Gifts
This expires in 10 days

I was born on Mother's Day so to be honest the prospect of getting a free present for myself when I buy my mom a present doesn't bother me. :) IN fact, I think its super fair. What are some other things to get your mom?

Forever In A Mother's Heart Personalized Heart Sha

Personally, if you are away from home, I think flowers are the nicest.
10% Off Organic Bouquet Mother's Day Bouquets starting at $29.95! Offer expires 05/31/09.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mother's mittens

Happy Socks - Fashion Socks for Men and Women

Happy Socks for Happy Feet. Cutest thing of the day. :) I love socks and these are the best.

If you know someone who has a birthday coming up-- or for your Mom on Mother's day, these socks make a thoughtful and cute gift. They are not the kind of socks you buy in bulk, but its nice to have a special pair of socks that can lift your day when you need to lock yourself in your room and study or to wear after a painful breakup while you are eating your Ben and Jerry's.

<3 Happy Socks! Girl

Monday, April 27, 2009

Workin it

Get a resume that gets you hired

I want a job this summer, but i don't just want any job- I want a fun job that pays and gets me work experience that I can use. Is there such a thing? I don't know, but I am hoping to find out. I posted my resume and I am looking for things by checking out the local places. I really need something to come through that atleast pays decently since I am saving for a school wardrobe.
Monster is the most popular website to use to post resumes or find employees.
The top jobs I heard for Seniors-
Teaching English in another country- ( but you have to BE in a different country and probably don't save up any money)
Working to teach a hobby (if you love dance or tennis and live in a wealthy area)
Working at a club or a resort (downside is that everyone around you is relaxing and you are stressed)
Working at a restraunt or ice cream place (you might get sick of food and pay isn't always good)

start your own business-- (won't earn you very much in 3 months unless you are very lucky)

any ideas?

<3 Hire me! Girl

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Going Downtown

FREE Shipping on Orders $150+ @!

This website has a good combination of clothes and accessories, but let me give you the skinny on how to save here-
1. Use Free Shipping
2. Sign up to get the 25$ gift card
3. Check out the Sale rack
(some of these following items are on sale and some aren't- you probably won't be able to tell so check out the website.)

Vera Wang Millie Yoana Baraschi Rebecca Taylor Marc by Marc Jacobs

<3 How is it downtown?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Liquify means buy supplies!

Bulk Surplus at

Okay I have to admit, this website is mostly just fun to surf because a lot of the bulk stuff is pretty obscure, but it can also help if you are planning a party or trying to get something done for a lot of people. Check out some of the stuff I found:
125 Covergirl Nail Polishes for $100--

Stuff like this could be great for party favors.
There are also 8 Ipod Touches selling for just over a thousand dollars. DO the math-

There are also things such as clothing or accessories like this where 100 pairs are $100

There are DKNY, Michael Kors, Nine West and D&G things--- then there are things like 100 bed sheets for 50$ or (literally ) tons of office supplies. My mom bought some stuff here when she was planning a school dance because you can get great prices if you need things in huge bulk. Check it out- you never know what you find!

<3 Hoards and Hoards Girl

Friday, April 24, 2009

Overstocked has EVERYTHING and it has everything cheap. The good news is that the things it sells aren't bad quality or knock offs- they even have the real designer goods. The idea is that they are collectors and put together bargains that they find. Its great! You can find a great lamp for your room and a new pair of shoes and you know you are getting a deal with both. PLus, right now there is free shipping! Just check out that IBM laptop- 300$ is 84% off. and that Burberry bag starts at 23% off regular price. not to mention all the necessities you can buy in bulk. Stay tuned for later when I go online shopping for my dorm things :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Book it Books

Dine. Shop. Travel. Save.

This coupon expires in 6 days.... So, if you are looking for some fun things to do for this summers travel or lazy days on the beach, you might want to jump at this opportunity. Also, if you have any gifts you have to get (especially for someone you don't know that well ) a fun book is always a possibility.
Speaking of which, I recently went to check out my colleges and was detained in Colorado for 2 whole days in the airport. The only thing that kept me sane was my copy of Slaughter House 5 by Kurt Vonnegut. Otherwise, I would have died of boredom and frustration.
I did finally get to my colleges and I walked around the campus, checked out the student publications and finally decided to go to a big top 20 University over my smaller liberal arts colleges. The reason for this was that when I read the student newspapers and listened to the humor that they used, I realized the people where totally my type. Anyway, I wasn't at all pleased with the dorms, but you do have to make some sacrifices I guess. But yeah- Books= Important. I will add this coupon for college books as well even though it doesn't really save you that much, but this is a good website because if you buys books when you arrive on campus you will spend thousands.
Enter code BUY380 to recieve 3% of $80 Purchase

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make it Up

Shop Clarins Official Store. Free Shipping with any $75 Purchase + Your Choice of Complimentary Samples.

C larins make up is great and now you can choose from all varieties without having to pay shipping and handling. I know that whenever I wear makeup this good, people aren't distracted by my bad skin. I really hate shopping for makeup however because the sales ladies make me nervous and sometimes I feel pressured into buying stuff after a while of talking about it. Essential makeup for me-
1. liquid and powder foundation complete with brushes
2. 1 lipstick, 1 clear lip gloss and one opaque and colorful lip gloss
3. a little blush
4. mascara
5. eye liner
6. eye shadow

preferable to NOT wear all of these at the same time. If you go heavy on the eyes- lay off the lips.

<3 Harmony Girl

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Hopeful

Get 40% off select boots and more from SoHo Lab! Use the coupon code 'SALE40'!

So, having been to Soho this past weekend, I know that the shopping is great and there have been plently of "recession specials" all over New York and even high fashion is giving in to markdowns. Take advantage of these great sylish deals by browsing online- you don't even have to deal with sore feet now when you shop all day :)

<3 Hundred and 1st and heavy savings Girl

Thursday, April 16, 2009

On the GoGo

Enjoy 10% Off and Free Shipping on any order over $100 at Luggage Pros. Use code "LP10" at checkout.

I always wanted to be one of those people with matching luggage of different sizes and everything fits neatly inside folded. Instead I am the person who crams everything into a duffle bag on the day I am supposed to leave and pray to my God of Agnosticism that I haven't forgotten anything. Usually, I have-- once I came quite close to losing my head.

In the end, Packing takes me less time than all my friends and I am living on the edge. Not always a good place to be. For my trip to the east coast this weekend I borrowed a friend's bag. Everything fit inside nicely and I was much calmer than usual. It was nice and I would like to try it again. Was it the bags? or was it all in my head?

<3 Hugs from the East Coast Girl

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Procrastination Procreation

The Ultimate Procrastination tools:
1. Facebook- I love browsing pics and update from my friends and seeing what old acquaintances are up to. I make it my personal goal to not become a Facebook stalker though- I hope you will too.

2. Online TV- will all be the end of me. Not to mention the fact that I recently discovered that I like the online Korean dramas on and they have english subtitles. I'm sorry, but its the best relief from hw to curl up with Gossip Girl, The Office, Lost and The Colbert Report. Watching it with friends also doesn't make me feel as guilty. Shock it up to senior year bonding

3 PopCap Games for Free -- Popcap's other name is Once you start you can spend hours on this website. The worst part is: I like to play these games while watching TV on my camputer and doiing my homework... is that still procrastination?

4. Googling people- really fun for when you are really bored, but don't tell people you do it.

5. Snacking- Bad habit! I buy gum by the pack fulls to avoid unneccessary calories just because my mouth is bored.

6. Typing up lists like this, usually they are of things I am going to do- I am counting this as homework time though since I am using the english language.

<3 Helping Procrastination Girl

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Traveling while Fabulous

Conair® Travel Smart Products!

are right now my favorite. I am currently college tripping in New York and arrived to my hotel looking particularly disheveled, but with only a couple of minutes to my next commitment. I know its lame, but i usually have trouble getting my hair in order-- but not today.
Done in no time!

More seriously though- what do you wear to a college admissions day? do you dress up or look like yourself?
I think that you should just go as the clean and fabulous version of you. You know, just because this college accepted you doesn't mean its time to pull out those bell bottoms you think are so comfy. I wore a blouse, some slacks and close toed shoes (it happened to be cold or I might have worn a skirt)
<3 Heveled Girl

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Balance

This is a warning to be very careful with credit cards and learn how to manage them early. When I got my first one it was very hard for me to know just how much I was spending every month and even worse was the fact that I never saw the bill because my parents just paid it for me, so I was just always waiting to get yelled at. The Discover® Student Card
is a good idea because a student card helps you manage your money easier. It has its limits and it has reasonable fees as well as some cool features. I am really happy now- with one debit and one credit card I can pay for everything and still don't run over my budget. Make sure you keep lists though! And pay in cash when you can. Of course cash has its down side too. Freshman year a friend of mine turned her room upside down looking for $1000 her parents had left her before leaving for Taiwan. They were visiting and she needed to ask them for money if she couldn't find the money they had given her, but she also didn't want a lecture. SHe looked and she looked... she couldn't find it anywhere and had to spend 2 months without any money. Luckily she found it--- in her freezer ( I guess that was her brilliant hiding place one late night.

<3 Handling the Budget Girl

Friday, April 10, 2009

I love Bananas

Banana Republic - Women's Shoes Sale

This promotion ends in 6 days!!!

For the ultimate classy and good taste that can only be bought-- banana republic, and now thankfully doesn't have to be bought with very much.
There are few stores that I so consistently can shop at, imagining myself in good society. Or else, just every day society, because unlike high end designer merchandise, Banana Republic is not divisive. Its just: NICe.
Now, they have a shoe and dress sale to get ready for spring and I would highly recommend their dresses. They are simple and elegant and you will love them for a long time.
And just look, this BR Monogram silk chainlink-print dress once was $200, but is now $98...

<3 Hotter in the Summer Girl

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Free Samples

Makari Skin Cream..Try a Sample Free Today! Visit!

Click here for The LipInk Sample Kit! Great for first time customers!

Yay samples!. I love trying the free ones in magazines... but this is so much better. get your free samples! getting gifts in the mail has to be the most exciting thing since delivery pizza!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Small things to do in College to SAve

Save $500 a Year on Textbooks

I can't wait for college, but I am looking for a way to scale back. Of course, I can't exactly do that with clothes since I need an entire new winter wardrobe, but there are some small ways to do it:
1. get a good cell phone plan
2. Try NOT to use a credit card
3. Get your books used or rent them
4. Figure out if you want a big meal plan and don't ever want to eat off campus, or if you want a small meal plan because the food sucks
5. Book Your tickets in advance so you don't pay last minute fees.

<3 HeadingOut Girl

Monday, April 6, 2009

Linea Pelle Handbags

Handbags acrosss the world---

For Christmas, my Aunt bought me some handbags, and I love them! I've decided that they are a good investment since they make every outfit look nicer and they never make me look fat ;)
Seriously though, I used to think handbags and shoes are seriously overpriced, but you get more work out of them than you do anything else. Plus, if you go to the right place you can get high quality designer handbags for less!
Use code CJLP10 to take 10% off any order at Linea Pelle

Linea Pelle has great bags. You can save 10% and if you get a bag like the ones below, you will also get a huge discount of up to 40%. Danielle Clutch and Dylan Long Zip:

<3 Handybag Girl

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Look Again for Today's Fashions

For you brits out there. Look Again is having a great sale.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I V leaguin it

Last minute New York values at!

So, I am flying to the east coast to visit my colleges and I am very scared. I have never been passed Arizona. I really hope that I like them, but that I like one more than the rest because right now I just can't decide. It's weird because I never thought that I would have this problem. I usually have problems deciding between things, but this is different. My choices are between the arts and sciences program of one Ivy league, the Applied Sciences school of another, better Ivy or the best LAC in the country. (Sorry I am being vague, its for security) They are all great schools and very different, so its really up to the school atmosphere. Here's my checklist:
1. Are the students smart and interested?
2. Are they used to being the best, or are they just pretentious?
3. How is the food? How is the entertainment?
4. How are the teachers?
5. How is the welcome? am I an important addition?
6. What will I be able to do when I graduate?

<3 HArd Choices Girl

Friday, April 3, 2009

Gotcha Gucci

Gucci Womens Belts - Spring-Summer 2008
Click ^ if you like Gucci

Some things you might not know about Gucci:
1. Guccio Gucci died in 1953, the company was founded in 21
2. It made over 8 billion dollars worldwide last year
3. its number 45 on the 100 most recognizable brands list
4. The Bamboo handle handbag was introduced in 1947
5. Gucci reached its height with Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly
6. Since then, it has become more "airport" and less "italy"
7. Gucci created the most expensive jeans in the world. ($3000)

<3 Hepburn<3gucci girl


Most practical thing ever--- a website that sells primarily underwear. Free Shipping on all U.S. orders at!
Underwear is something I never have fun picking out in stores because I think it is kind of awkward, so it works out perfectly that i get to browse for it online now. Plus, underwear is something you should buy in bulk when it is on sale or you find a good price. Bras and panties are so beautiful though. They are fun to get in the mail. An Freshpair has brands from Calvin Klein to DKNY. They are having a huge clearance sale right now, so it is beneficial to take advantage of both the free shipping and the discounts.

<3 Here Underwhere? girl

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Essentials

Get Everything you NEED. Bras, underwear, socks, hoisery, shirts, long underwear in good quality for a very low price. Frankly, I think I am needing some warm undergarmets now that I know thatI am headed to the east coast for college.
Up to 50% off on brand name apparel! Click here!

Semper Ubi SubUbi = always where underwhere

<3 Hot+Necessary Girl

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Se la vie

Okay, so today I am just posting to say that life doesn't really make much sense to me. I am talking about college of course, because where people end up going is so rarely the dream and sometimes when it is the dream... it is all wrong. Take me for example, When I was younger I just liked the schools near home because that was where my babysitters were going and I thought they were so cool. As I got older, I wanted to go to Harvard because I heard that name mentioned so many times. I gave that dream up when I got to high school and I realized that it was too stressful for me to make that my actual goal. So instead, I focused on college in general and I knew I wanted to get in somewhere good, I just wasn't sure where. Now that I am in to various colleges on the top 20 list, I wonder to myself if I feel any more fullfilled. I don't-- not really. And seeing the hopes and dreams crushed of those who desperately wanted one school over another just makes me feel like the whole process is kind of wishy washy anyhow. The kids who applied to Harvard this year at my school are the best. They do everything that a TV harvard student would do and then some and they are real people. No one from my school this year got in although we did have various other ivy leagues including a Yale. But the way people got in just wasn't how it was expected in terms of one over another. I guess this only leaves the essays and the economic factor since the tables have turned since last year. Now, money is definately a bonus when trying to get into schools because even havard lost 20% of its endowment. That's a hit. And now I get to see what its like from the other end. All the schools that told me that I had less than a 20% chance of getting in now have about a 1/8 chance that I will pick them. So Ha!

<3 harvardless Girl