Friday, August 28, 2009

Beauty delivered

20% Off Your Entire Purchase at using code 28671 - ONE WEEK ONLY!!!

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE - ULTA Cosmetics, Minerals & Brushes - use code 28671 and get 20% off too!

packing for college is ridiculous. I want to leave my old life behind kind of and instead I have to schlep half my life across the country. I found that free shipping and buying new things on the internet at least saves me from the pain of shopping for a lot once I get there. Ulta, and some grocery stores like Vons have free shipping under certain terms. Ulta for instance- if you buy more than $25 worth which is easy, believe me. I bought things that I knew I would need and that you can easily order like a hairdryer, soaps, and makeup. Then, I have it waiting for me when I get to school.

<3 Tyrian purple

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Watch Your BackPack

On the provided list from the University, I saw that it said I would need a backpack next year. This surprised me because I turned in my backpack for a LL Bean tote my sophomore year. Do I return to a backpack now? I did like the backpack more in terms of carrying it long distances. My shoulder hurt after extended periods and their were fewer compartments for my pencils etc.
I did a search for the recommended backpacks and I found this:

JanSport Classic Superbreak Backpack in White Calyso Blue Plaid by JanSport, White

which I think is pretty cute, but I can't tell if it is "cutesie" you have to have a certain type of personality and outfit to wear something like these.
Classic Superbreak Backpack in White Calypso Blue Tree Flower by JanSport

Classic Wheeled Superbreak Backpack in White and Hot Pink Dark Side by JanSport
Roller Backpacks were taunted in middle school, but maybe the need for larger books in college makes them cool?

My favorite and the one I had
Classic Superbreak Backpack in Black by JanSport

And the super sized version:
Big Student Backpack in Black by JanSport®

and the totes:
Laptop Carrying Case Mobile Edge Suede Ultra Tote Bag

Hatley Oatmeal Bear Tote Bag

Hatley Summer Garden Tote Bag

Laptop Carrying Case Mobile Edge Signature Tote Bag

<3 Burnt Sienna

Monday, August 24, 2009

Open Sesame

When I lived in Santa Cruz, we lived in this two story house at the top of one of the notoriously steep roads. The floors were completely hard wood floors and together with the foggy chill that is coastal weather the house had a continual draft. To combat this, we had at least 8 huge rugs. Feeling nostalgic and scared of east coast weather I went looking for a persian rug like the ones we used to have. Imagine my surprise when they are each over $1000 and seriously do not fit into a college student's budget. That said, I signed up for the emails of when they have sales and I got one today making these rugs way more affordable.

Rugman - Summer Clearance: Sale up to 90% off Plus Free Underpad, expires 08/31/09

I think they are really cool and now some of them are close to $100!!

<3 Cinnabar Allibaba

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fashion Triad

Happenings around the web and beyond:

1. Enter to Win a $1,000 Shopbop Shopping Spree + A Fashion Week Getaway - ends 8/27/09

2. In a global initiative to promote retail, restore consumer confidence, and celebrate fashion, U.S. and international editions of Vogue are coordinating evening extravaganzas in their respective world fashion capitals.
3. 8% Off All Women’s Asian inspired Dresses at
Coupon Code: DRESSJULY
Ends: 29Aug
The GoodOrient has really unique and nice styles. I honestly think we underrate Eastern culture (and fashion) I especially love the green:

<3 Fuchsia Sparkle

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The End is Nigh

I have about a week before I head off and am now starting to accept the fact that I am leaving. I had a weird dream last night that included my high school class in a weird swirl of bonfire and sky. The dream morphed into a Van Gogh like night crisp with East Coast autumn and a kind of business and excitement. In the cheesiest way possible, I thought , "so begins my life"
Everything up to this point has been safe and really, not that much in my control. Now, it really is sink or swim. Even more difficult is that I have to jump right in, which doesn't really fit with my metaphor or my natural instinct. It seems unwise to jump right into water you don't know anything about, and yet it is the best way to acclimate yourself with the college experience.
I am hoping that I can make friends, get the classes I like, enjoy the experience, all with a minimal amount of stress. In reality, I know that I am going to be stressing about the itineraries, over analyzing first impressions and probably questioning myself more than I care to admit. In the end, everything will kind of squish together into a lull and then I will know that I have finally arrived; acceptance has finally come.
Until then, I find solace in lists and lists. Whether I follow them or not, they make me feel like I am not hurtling into the depths. CANON BALL!!!!

<3 Tentative Cyan

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kick of your sandals

I was emailed this promotion, after having had the most luxurious sandals vacation ever in Jamaica a year ago, for a great deal to go back.

Beaches 2 Nights Free

I wanted to do a review of this trip because it was a nonstop ride of indulgence, adventure and relaxation. Everything I did, from exploring the waters of Jamaica with the lobsters and fish (watch out for night time jellyfish oh my! they kind of itch) to zip lining across the forest canopy to ordering a succulent rack of lamb from a menu with no prices, created a vivid dream for me. For 90 hours, I was princess of a utopia. I kind of expected something that is all inclusive to offer the lowest quality things in order to make a great profit, but this wasn't the case for this family business. We enjoyed the very best in every department and Jamaica itself, even if I had been staying in a shanty, would have been a magical place. When it pours, you may not even try to get out of the rain. Its a warm shower that makes the green around you all the more lush. The weather was fairly warm and mild and I went in November. When I landed in lake Tahoe on the way home, it was Snowing!
Of course to every positive review there has to be a negative... My only chagrin was that I couldn't explore Jamaica to the full extent I wanted, but this was less a fault of the resort( which offers shuttles and cars) than of the safety issue. Also, of course the price of this resort may glare one in the face. A bill that you pay up front and that you know the amount of is much better than the hundreds of times you shell out during a regular vacation. Don't get me wrong, when I am vacationing in Europe, we fly over there, get a car and see as much as possible, the hotel isn't important and we are usually kind of exhausted a lot. That's one type of vacation and this is the purely recreational kind- don't expect to learn anything except phrases like "AIRE" and "no problem" and the culture of Jamaica.
Anyway, my point is that just thinking of this vacation makes my stress lessen and puts a smile on my face.

<3Saphire Sky

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chicstar Unique star

I am pretty tired again today because I had a large amount of stress with Evil Expedia yesterday. EVIL. I am a frequent flyer and whenever I have booked with them, it has been a disaster. I literally hate them. I do however feel a little better writing this. I got an email from a website this morning that has something I haven't really seen before. They auction off the clothes starting at just $0.99 so you are biddign against other women for the clothes. This is kind of a neat idea because things are only worth what people are willing to pay- especially in the fashion world. Also, in my opinion, nothing represents the free market better than an auction and with this website it is a lot less likely you will find someone wearing your clothing item which brings me to my next point:
Submit your fashion idea, get it free at!
I think this sounds like a lot of fun! I would submit something just for the heck of it, but more importantly, I have friends who actually could design something amazing. It would be kind of cool to see the designs realized.
They also have an entire regular store and I realized I forgot to put up some pictures of their stuff. here...

Not going to lie, some of their stuff (especially in the tops ad skirts sections) was kind of ick, but there are definitely a lot of diamonds in this rough.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Closet

The sale starts Wednesday August 19th at 10AM EST
That's NOW.
Let me tell you some reasons that I am excited about this:
A. I was just recently approved as a member and you can't even see their merchandise unless you are. It makes one feel pretty exclusive and I secretly feel like I have just discovered something wonderful.
B. I am just in time for a wonderful sale and my trip to the East Coast is just a week away.
C. My check for painting my dad's house was deposited in the bank so I am no longer as broke as I was yesterday.

<3 Wisteria Whim

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fiscally in Control

So, after another shopping spree at Urban Outfitters in Santa Monica the other day and buying my plane ticket as well as some much needed dorm things, I am very near broke.
Even worse, since I have turned 18, I have become acutely aware of how it isn't my age that gives my parents control over me, nor is it their somewhat diluted blood running through my veins. In fact, it is something that seems omnipresent and yet ever elusive: Money. Arguing with my mother is futile; I may as well be a child. This feeling of impotence is precisely why I didn't blanch at my father's suggestion of taking out a student loan. Student loans are far from ideal of course, but they don't have to be the equivalent of selling your soul, especially not if you pay attention to APR.
Here are some key things for anyone who every plans to borrow money:

1. Fixed APR is very important! If you get a non fixed rate then the company could give you a really low rate and then hike the interest as inflation hits. You could be stuck paying up to 30% interest! that is unacceptable and you never want to be in a position like that.

2. If you are responsible and can put down collateral such as your parent's house then you can get a much better loan-- even a student loan. A lot of these loans that you can apply for are only under your name, which sure is great because you get to keep your parents out of your money, but it might be worth it for a signature if you save thousands.

3. If you have any ties with other countries, pay attention to exchange rates. Because I have two bank accounts, moving money and traveling is all a matter of timing. This isn't fishy! I am not talking about hiding money or off shore accounts. I am just saying that diversifying (if you do not have to pull the money out in a rush) is a key element in security. Some money in $$$$, some in real estate, education as an investment, maybe some gold and why not exchange that dollar for yen or euros if you are weary of where our country is headed?

4. Don't throw away money. Every year millions of people forget to claim their rebates, tax deductions and even throw away gift cards. (speaking of which, I would like to point out that if one is going to spend money on the inane idea of a gift card, the only way to go if the recipient of said card doesn't shop at a certain store daily is the amex card because he/she can buy anything with it) American Express Fee Free Gift Card Promo Code AFL841
Also, don't forget you can also check out gift cards people don't want and sell your unused gift cards on
Gear up for school! Save up to 40% Plastic Jungle
It's really cool right now because they have the GOOD brands like Macy's, Anthropologie, KMart, Pottery Barn and Barnes and Nobles.

5. EBAY- My brother and his friend know exactly what they want and what they have and even though I think they spend too much time with computers, I can't argue with the fact that they recently made hundreds pawning old computer parts they found in what we have dubbed our "electronics graveyard". Stuffed Animals, Books, Clothing, Jewelery, whatever. It doesn't cost anything to Post on ebay. If you are really serious about it- I have a friend who started selling his own line of bags via the web and is now at Harvard Business- you can even get an entire space for your self. Get everything you need to start you own Web store - FREE. ProStores - an eBay Company

Just some things to bring out the entrepreneur/industrial/saver in us young folks.

<3 Poor Man's Almond is a Peach Pit

Monday, August 17, 2009

BeckerSurf Coupon

A couple of things going on at Becker surf. First of all they are having free shipping on orders over $99. Then, they have a huge sale on Bikinis of 25% off each.
plus if you use the link below and the promotional code "PANTS" you can get 20% off.

I am not always one for the surfer look especially not as I am leaving California, but a few things can be a great touch to an eclectic wardrobe or the staples of any honest beach bum.

<3 Navy Pepper