Tuesday, March 31, 2009


When I drive by myself in the car, I get really bored. To help me combat this boredom, I usually listen to music, but I also found something more productive to do.

Discount Gold Offer

I loved listening to Pride and Prejudice, The Tale of Two cities and Harry Potter!
Plus, I did really well on my Tale of Two Cities Essay and Test.

<3 HummingtoHogwarts Girl

Monday, March 30, 2009

Perchance Perfume

Perfume percent

Upto 90% Discounted Name Brand Fragrances

I love perfume, but can never really afford it. I do the bad things like collect the samples from the magazines in my doctor's office or take several little sample gifts at department stores. However, to save me from my cheap and some what tacky starving student ways, I have discovered online perfume bargain hunting. Imported from different countries, under different brands, with really unique fragrances and very broad price ranges-- there is something for everyone! I love spring mist and lavender!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Smoother than Silk

For the smoothest skin--- You have to have good skin and then you have to be hairless. It's tough-- nay near impossible for the average teen girl. But there are ways to make it easier. Specifically, there are products that make it easier. Murad is the skin treatment I am currently using and it has been great.
Murad - Leader in Skin Care Science
Where skinkcare meets healthcare.
Get glowing luminous skin year-round.
Actually, my skin got a little dry, but I balanced that out with the oil free moisturizer. As for body hair- I hate shaving since I have public showers, this ody removal lotion removes it instantly and leaves my legs smooth.
Eliminate Unwanted Body Hair Guaranteed!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daylight Savings

It's Light and Wonderful at Max STudio where they have really taken advantage of the extra day light.Up to 80% off on pants, skirts, dresses and more at MaxStudio.com The designer prices no longer seem so out of reach. My new thing is totally white pants--- my only problem is that I spill on them a lot. Of course that's what I have my various laundry detergents for, but still it can never hurt me to have a few extra pairs just in case. Plus, tunics are amazing because they give the illusion of thinness no matter where you are on your diet scale and aren't tight like some other shirts. They always look stylish and can look more casual or formal depending what you wear them with. And I think most of us are suckers for summer dresses, so that is always a YES.

<3 Horray for Daylight Girl

Friday, March 27, 2009

Free once More

Napster was once free, but was shut down of course. Now, you can still get it free-for seven days. Still, You can always cancel your subscription and then you got 7 days of great music for nothing!
That's the way to save. Single ladies, American Boys etc-- get to it!

<3 HipHopPopRaB Girl

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mmmm shopbop

New Markdowns 30-70% Off at shopbop.com

Shopbop has a ton of designer clothes. Anna Sui has her own eastern slant on fashion and her clothes are as exotic as they are gorgeous. Then there are BCBG, Marc Jacobs, Juicy, J Brand and even Ugg. As if the unity of of all these wasn't good enough. The prices are so low, you can even afford them in an economic crisis. Or--- if not--- Just browse around and explore the designers you may have never heard of. I am on a credit card pause right now, but that didn't stop me from discovering Anna Sui. Bon browsing!

<3 Hating the Economy Girl

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Apple Power

Apple Store

I resisted the Apple for a long time because I grew up in a PC house, but with things like the IPod coming out every year, I have slowly been drawn away. I love my red I pod nano and all the music I have on it and I love how it is easy to use and i can plug it into my car or speakers. My next Xmas wish is to get a new computer so I was looking around and I found this link that not only makes my wish 100$ closer, but also attaches a printer (which I desperately need since the library printer is very unreliable) So, unless Microsoft does a complete 180, I think I may have been lured to the apple side for good... what about you?

<3 Handing in my PC girl

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trusty Us

My guilty pleasure in life is lighter in calories than chocolate, but just as lacking in substance-- it's
Us Weekly (Save 75%) which I usually pay $4 for at the check out stand because magazines are the most enticing impulse buy and are also the most expensive. Somehow, sometimes I just can't help myself because Who wore it Best and the latest styles are contained in those glossy pages. So, I have taken the initiative and bought myself a subscription, and for the same ammount of money that I would have paid buying them sporadically, I know get so many that I am not forced to reread the parts I initially just glance over (aka Britney drama). so all is well-- well almost--- I haven't kicked my bad habbit, but atleast I am doing it diet, toned down, nicotine patch. Steady and mild instead of spontaneous impulse fashion binge.

<3 Had to Have it Girl

Monday, March 23, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Since we have to buy our art materials at my school, my friend shops at Blick Art Materials because they have great prices and high quality brands. She just got into RISD so I would think she would know what she is talking about. Still, I bought some oil paints there a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed with the outcome; I guess you can't buy talent.
Still, I am an appreciater of art. My favorite artist is salvador Dali and I am really excited for the upcoming movie where he is played by hottness himself (Robert Pattinson-- if you don't know)
That is what I am recommending for today. Get yourself a favorite artist! That way in college you have someone to refer back to when the subject comes up with some older people. You need a favorite author, poet and some sort of political or science role model to field all those "where are you headed" questions. anyway- get on that search engine and explore some culture. or go to a museum- whichever.

<3 HighSociety;) Girl

Sunday, March 22, 2009

When you have to hold back at Spring Break

The Expedia Spring Break: Free Nights – Get your last night FREE at over 700 hotels - Expires 4/9/09

OMG-- as a senior it is my last high school spring break ever. Because of this pesky recession, I only can go so far as LA or San Diego for my vacation. However, my friends and I are not going to let this ruin our spirits. We are renting two rooms for 6girls and planning on hitting the beach every day and the clubs every night. I plan to be a toasty brown when I come back.

<3 HopinForHavanaNights Girl

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I < Blue

IvyBlue.com - Save 20% to 70% on top women's fashion.

I am going to admit, I never had heard of Ivyblue.com until my friend showed me a new top she had recently purchased online. Ivyblue isn't the most affordable place on the planet, but of course they have Sales. My theory is that it is always great to have a lot of websites to browse online and check for great deals.... so here is a new one.

<3 HereYouGo Girl

Friday, March 20, 2009


No More Foot Pain: Happy Feet Plus

The first time I saw Crocs, I was horrified. And I still am, but some how they have caught on and are now an unfortunate trend. I don't know any teen girls in California that wear them.... but other people do and hey, even the best of us are influenced by powerful marketing and bizarre trends.
My only point is that if Crocs can make it, then Birkenstock will definitely be the more timeless shoe. As a German expat ( moved to the states at age 6), I can still sympathize with my German heritage. I owned my first pair of Birkenstock at age 3 and once I came to the United States I threw them out for my jellies and felt cool because I was like the rest of the kids. Jellies made my feet sweat a lot and they always fell apart and after about a decade, I have come to realize that Birkenstock have stayed in style for decades, even centuries for a reason. The German culture gave us Cinderella and the glass slipper and now they may give us Vogue models and a more comfortable shoe... They are more expensive than normal shoes, but they are worth it. Online, you can find quality Birkenstock and more trendy shoes inspired by them. They are comfy, unique and we can make them stylish ;)

$95.56 $71.99 $149.99 $179.99
Most Products 10-20% off

<3 HappyFooted Girl

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Big 4

The Bottom Promotion ends on March 25th, 2009 !!!

As for the top Promotion-- you might think, $7 shipping is a lot, and normally I would agree with you. $7 for doing something I have a lot of fun doing? going shopping with my friends is definitely more fun than browsing with them on my laptop, but also it is exhausting, it takes the whole day and it can cost extra in terms of food and gas. Anyway, two of my favorite stores are Gap and banana Republic. Old Navy of Course is always good for buying some comfy but cheaply priced articles of clothing. So, when I found this link, I thought that it was a great promotion. The Stores don't need to give you a discount and you save money buying things together that you normally would have had you gone out to shop. Diversifying your wardrobe has never been easier.

<3 HowboutMore Girl

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snag Some Bags

Free Shipping

This link gets you free shipping which is just the icing on the cake because right now eBags has some of its bags at 10% of their original price in their amazing sale. For example, check out some of these:
This Via Spiga Talia Large Tote (with padded laptop sleeve) used to be $350, but is now only $94
This bag by the same designer was once $250 and is now only $25. Serious savings! And there are practical bags such as beach totes and bags for luggage as well so you can be prepared for summer.
Here are some more just to look at :)

<3 Handbag-Adoring Girl

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hoisery Ready

Get a free designer t shirt with a Women's suit purchase of $149 or more

Okay, so normally I would be like, " the only women who look forward to pant suits are HIlary Clinton and other female politicians" but I am officially entering the real world after this year and I know this because I just got a phone call saying that I have an interview for the internship I applied for. The first thing I started freaking out about of course was "What will I wear?" which is logical because a good first appearance, let's be honest, is crucial. So, ruffling through my closet, I came to the conclusion that, forget next year's attire, I don't have anything businessy to wear (yes I said buinessy, I am still in high school) for my summer job. Wherever I work over the summer (fingers crossed for fully paid internship in real office building doing more than getting coffee and being yelled at, I will have to look efficient and responsible. While I do not think it is necessary to have color coordinated outfits for every day of the week, I did go on line and look around for deals on suits etc. In the end I got 1 suit (looks my age though :), 1 pair of stylish yet practical and comfy shoes. 1 nice bag and even a pair of stockings. Plus, I got a free designer t-shirt with the link I used.

<3 Hoisery? Girl

Monday, March 16, 2009

OMG Shoes!

Free Shipping on orders over $150 at Steve Madden
Okay! There is a great sale going on at Steve Madden. You can get up to 30% off the clearance price! Each of these shoes is now marked down to under $50. Prom season and Hot summer nights are coming up fast. Isn't it time to stock up on the necessities? And by that I mean SHOES! Plus you don't have to feel guilty when you buy Steve Madden's because you know they are designer styles for Low Prices. There are also some really cute sandals, but usually buying shoes in their off season is a better idea to save money. For Example, if you get your winter shoes here now when they are cheap, you will start next year off chique!

<3 Heard-there's-a-sale Girl

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Window Shopping online

Shop for luxury clothing at BlueBee.com!

Kaneesha - women's clothing for special occasions

If you know Blue Bee then you probably know they have nice clothes and you probably also know that they are expensive. There are not that many of them so it is nice to be able to surf their site and get acquainted with all their products. This free shipping coupon should help make you feel like you are in the real store and if you leave the site without buying anything, then atleast you don't have to get guilt trips from the sales girls ;)
CharlotteRusse is definitely more affordable and more prone to sales. Online you can fill your virtual shopping cart for virtually nothing! This is the opportune moment to get something from CR since they are having a great sale right now.
Kaneesha is a site that I included because since Slumdog Millionaires was such a success, ( I personally love the sound track) I think it is just a matter of time before we branch out to enjoy other parts of India. Adding a little bit of Indian Style to your wardrobe makes you automatic an exotic eclectic. Just be sure to match and you have brought India to your life with a couple clicks of your mouse.

<3 Hello!DebitCard Girl

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pro Prom

Save 5% on favors. PRCJF9
Somehow, I wound up on the Prom Committee this year. My friends thought it would be fun to do. I didn't realize it would be so stressful. We have a limited budget and everything seems to be so expensive. Even though there are only about 60 in my class, it's quite and ordeal. I used this coupon to get some personalized things to put on everyone's seat. The prices online are pretty decent and 5% on 1,000 is nothing to sneeze at.

<3 Here's-to-Parties Girl

Friday, March 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Spring Break


SkinStore.com Free Shipping - No Minimums

For spring Break, Of course I was hoping to have perfect skin my endless (well- 10 days) at the beach. Alas, it is difficult to find good products that work for me. Right now, I am using dermalogica, which seems to be working, but I might try something new soon. These are two websites that have helped me through my Proactive, Murad and Apricot Scrub days. (I had no idea that scrubs may aggravate teen skin). Anyway, I am always on the look out for good sites to find skin care meds. Oh. I am also starting a major yogurt and blueberries diet- because they are yummy and supposed to be good for your skin. More on that to come.

<3 Healthy Skin Girl

In-Tuition and out-standing payments

Click here to find the right student loan for you!

I must admit- I am in a recession Depression. I thought this sucky economy just meant lots of great sales and frantic pundits, but apparently as a high school senior I am in the midst of it all. As of today, I have officially been: Denied (1) waitlisted (1) and accepted (2) and am still waiting to hear from other schools. So, after years of homework and test-prep, I am finding that my decision is not only going to be influenced by the USA today's list of top colleges, but also by my finances. I was excited to find that I was a national merit scholar, but apparently this scholarship pays for less that 5% of my tution for most schools. I don't want to be paying off loans when I am 30 and academic scholarships are becoming scarce. So, I am still on the search. This is one of many of my current haunts.

<3 Haunting Girl

Name Explained

Okay, so I was having trouble thinking of a name for this blog- Attah- girl came from the obvious acronym of All Things Teenage Girl. The only problem was that the name without the h was already taken (as so many domain names these days are). So I inserted the H, which I guess makes all the girls who read this blog "H Girls". I guess the H can stand for just about anything- Hot, Hyper, Hungry (apparently there already is a "Hungry Girl" and we are in no way affiliated with her), Hydro, Hula, Humming, Hopeful. I will try to post a new one every day. This blog is basically going to be a guide based on my experiences, and hopefully those of all the people who read this blog. I will post links and entries about my favorite things, or things that generally need to be talked about and I hope others will reply because I am not nearly all knowing.
Some background on me-
Female. Taurus (astro calender). sheep (chinese calender). 5'7". loves sushi and Indian food. College Obsessed at the moment. perennially shopping obsessed-mostly with sales on sale.

<3 How-to Girl