Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jean Jeannie

Jeans from Heaven- I love my jeans from every where- particularly H&M, BlueBee and Uniqlo. They are the comfiest :) Now those stores are quite a spread in terms of prices. I am going to add more to that list to make things even more complicated....
The thing is that you do always have to have jeans of varying prices and varying materials. There are some that are for every day fun. They get stretched & they get beat up. There are also occasions where you want to look really nice, but you don't want to look like you tried to hard. Expensive jeans are just the thing. They fit in all the right places and they just have that obvious quality that others don't.
I am not going to argue in terms of comfort that price makes that big a difference, but as much as I love my H&M jeans, I break out by Genetic Denim when I know I am going to be seen by that cute guy in my Spanish class.
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