Thursday, May 27, 2010


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When you're picking your poison, you always need a place to pour it... I think this website is great for gifts and especially college students who like to buy cheap and throw things out at the end of the year (if it hasn't been shattered by then) The glassware on this website is so very cheap.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

World Cup Tickets

I finally got a job, which was something that I really wanted. Sadly, that means I can't go to the World Cup (Soccer or football for those of you who don't know, but I guess if you know it as football you must know) anyway... I thought it was impossible to get tickets, but my parents ended up going without me last time because while they were in Germany they just asked their bellboy jokingly if he had any tickets... and then it turned out that he "knew a guy". go figure. So, I guess if you want to be better prepared...
Buy 2010 World Cup Tickets at

<3 Goooooalllll

Plan C

So... summer goal is to learn chinese. I decided this just now because I am starting to get freaked out about our economy. I am reading this book called The Wealth and Poverty of Nations and it summarizes a lot of the risings and fallings of different great kingdoms, empires, nations etc. It seems way too easy and too fickle. So yeah... Chinese= backup plan. And hey, if the world continues to go on as it is now... then atleast I can barter better when I travel through China and I can make sure I get the honest opinion of waiters at Chinese restaurants.
Give the Gift of Language with a ChinesePod Gift Subscription

Friday, May 21, 2010

CoutureCandy without a toothache

Just more designer things on sale. These happen to be half off and I thought they were quite pretty. From CoutureCandy.

25% OFF All Styles at

<3 Half Off Ruffles

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shopbop free RETURN shipping

Shopbop has a lot of designer labels and some pretty steep prices, but there are affordable things in the mix. The reason I am fairly excited about it right now is that they have free shipping and free return shipping. What does this mean? That you can order whatever you want, test it out and keep only what looks awesome on you. You even get to test everything out in front of your own mirror instead of those tricky store mirrors that are, frankly, a little misleading.
Plus, Shopbop has a collection of Lookbooks that you can browse and then click on to find the clothes that make that outfit. This makes creating style quite easy because when you are shopping in the store, you don't always get that vision.

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<3 Hippity Bippity Shopitty Bop

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cabin Eager

So my mom has a birthday in 5 days and I really owed her one because I totally forgot about mother's ay while I was studying for finals. So, I was really happy when I came up for this great idea for her present. I bought her this be set for her bed in our cabin in Tahoe. Its something that is both a necessity and an extravagance. Besides the fact that the other bed set came with the house (ick!), I think this decor will really bring the coziness of our cabin to a new level. I also got this bed spread at a discount because they were overstocked and I used this coupon to get free shipping. I know she won't fully appreciate this bed spread till winter, but its so cute!
FREE SHIPPING on all RUSTIC & WESTERN BEDDING with minimum purchase of $89. Use Coupon CJ56.
<3 Thrifty Cub

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wall flowers

Allright, most people dodn't usually compliment my dorm room being that I am so messy and don't really spend that much time decorating. I bought a Surrealist Painting a couple months ago to look kinda mod, but what with the Salvador Dali obsession, that was actually pretty silly. Then my aunt got me some wall flowers to stick on my wall.... and now everyone walks in and says how much they love it. Weird. I like them thinking I have taste though. I couldn't find the flowers I have, but I got you guys a different link:

Growing Flowers Wall Decals

<3 Wallflower

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Haute Dresses

15% Off: Ladies Couture Fashion, for Less - USE CODE: HGSTL15

HauteGeneration has some dresses that could be featured in Jersey Shore, but a lot of the dresses are quite stunning. There is quite a huge price range, but I know a couple people who got their Debutante (yes, some people still do this...) dresses from this website and also some who got their fave party dresses.
I think in particular the longer dresses are quite elegant. Just make sure you take advantages of the deals because we are in a recession after all.
<3 Haute Lover